About Me:
Greetings, and welcome to my blog! My name is Michael Sullivan and what you’ll find here is what I’m cooking on a day-to-day basis in my tiny NYC apartment. I grew up in the rolling, wine-soaked hills of Sonoma, CA. Today, I work as an editor at the International Culinary Center (founded as The French Culinary Institute), where I recently graduated from the Professional Culinary Arts program. I live with my boyfriend, Aaron, and our floppy-eared cocker spaniel, Lady, in Harlem, NYC.  Thanks for stopping by!

About my Blog:
The purpose of this blog is to write and share my experiences and recipes with you, and in the process, become a better cook. Unlike the unfinished scarf unraveling under my bed, or the fanzine I once wrote, cooking is the one thing I never tire of.

The food I like to cook is the food I like to eat. It’s seasonal food that is made from scratch, both comforting and homey (what you won’t find here is an inclination  towards trendy cooking, or eating fads or a fear of butter, sugar, or gluten etc.). At home, I try to be diligent about typing-up, revising, and filing recipes that worked or that I love, and this blog has become an extension of just that. Consider yourself a voyeur into the “Recipes to Print” file on my computer. After all, if food is to be shared, then so are its recipes!

When not in the kitchen, I’m usually making some sort of home-inspired décor or DIY craft, which more often than not, is centered around holidays, celebratory dinners or entertaining. Occasionally I share these ideas and crafts accompanied by detailed how-to’s.

Why a Persimmon and a Peach?
Growing up in California, I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s house, which lucky for me, had an amazing array of fruit trees. My favorite was their peach tree, where my grandfather would sit and peel us a peach or two to share on summer afternoons. They also had an enormous persimmon tree, which my grandmother still uses to make my favorite holiday cookies.

Nearly all the photography on my blog is my own, unless otherwise credited. I shoot with an Olympus E-500. If you'd like to use a picture from my site, please email and ask me first. If you're simply re-posting a recipe or photo, no need to email. Just provide a link back to where you found it on my blog. You can contact me at persimmonandpeach@gmail.com. Thanks!