Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Who am I?
My name is Michael Sullivan and I hail from the rolling, wine-soaked hills of Sonoma, CA. Today, I live with my boyfriend, Aaron, and our floppy-eared cocker spaniel, Lady, in New York City. By day I serve poboys and chicken fried chicken to ravenous lunch-hungry Wall Street workers. By night I leave it all behind and unwind by whipping up something in the kitchen or creating some curiously clever craft. What you’ll find here is a site I’ve made primarily for myself (but I’m glad you’ve stopped by!) This blog is a journal chronicling my cooking and decorating adventures. 

Why a persimmon and a peach?
Growing up, I spent a lot of time at my grandparent’s house, which lucky for me had some amazing fruit trees. My favorite tree was their peach tree, where my grandfather would sit and peel us a peach or two to share on summer afternoons. They also had an enormous persimmon tree, which my grandmother still uses to make my favorite holiday cookies.

What I cook:
The food I like to cook is the food I like to eat. It is unpretentious seasonal food that is made from scratch, both comforting and homey. I’m primarily a self-taught cook and developed a curiosity for food in college. It was then that I realized I liked cooking more than my average classmates, when I was making risotto and cakes, and they were microwaving ramen.

At home, I try to be diligent about typing-up, revising, and filing recipes that worked or that I love, so I guess this blog is an extension of just that. Consider yourself a voyeur into the “Recipes to Print” file on my computer. After all, if food is to be shared, then so are its recipes!

What I make:
I have an affinity for vintage or home-inspired holiday and party décor. This includes Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day etc. etc. You get the gist. I love to make decorations that are entirely my own.  Creating your own décor for a particular holiday not only gets you in the seasonal spirit, but can be a lot of fun too! Let’s face it, I’m an old lady trapped in a young man’s body.

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Michael,

    This is such a wonderful idea! I look forward to checking out your recipes and crafty concoctions. Your skills in both the kitchen and craft room are invaluable and deserve to be shared with and absorbed by the internet community.

    Congratulations on your blog!