Friday, June 28, 2013

Ice Cream Challenge: One Year Later

Last May, I started a personal ice cream challenge with the goal to make 24 different ice creams in one year. That year is finally up and while I didn't quite make it to 24, I'm happy to report I made 18 ice creams in all. As expected, life got in the way from time to time, but in the end I feel 18 scoops ain't too shabby. 

I have to cut myself some slack for not making it all the way to 24, as in the last two months my freezer has been so full of food from recipe testing, I didn't have room to freeze the ice cream bowl! This is not an exaggeration; it was literally taped shut with masking tape (I really felt bad when Aaron politely asked if we could have ice again).  Also, there were a few ice creams I experimented with or made that I never got around to posting on the blog. In some cases (though I never thought I'd say this), the real challenge was eating all of the ice cream I was making before I started the next! 

I find these challenges to be a lot of fun, as they've given me the opportunity to delve into and explore a certain type of food over a long period of time. The experience and knowledge I've gained over the past year has allowed me to easily whip up a batch of ice cream without batting an eye. I must say, it's very satisfying to look at all 18 ice creams lined up in a row, many of which I can't wait to make again and again. Hopefully I've inspired some of you to get out there and start churnin'. So what's the next challenge you ask? You'll just have to wait to find out. One hint: it's probably about as far from ice cream as one could possibly go...

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