Thursday, October 24, 2013

Spooky Halloween Candlesticks

Halloween is just around the corner and things are beginning to get spooky in our apartment! All Hallows Eve has always been one of my favorite holidays; as a kid I used to cover our front porch with cobwebs and terrifying tidings no later than September 30th. My parents were way too nice to let me start so early, but as I recall I put up a fight every year. I was having a great time, regardless of what our neighbors might have thought.

A couple of weeks ago I was wandering through a thrift store in downtown Manhattan and spotted a pair of overly ornate and somewhat ugly looking candlesticks. They were tucked away in the corner of the shop looking forlorn and forgotten, as they were completely bent out of shape. That's when I got the idea that they would make a terrifying addition to our Halloween decor this year. 

I spruced up the candlesticks by painting them with some silver metallic paint. I stuck some black candles in them and the deed was done! You could also paint the candlesticks black and they'd look great with orange candles. Next to a human skull, they make quite a haunting display.  They're perfect for the mantle or table at an upcoming Halloween feast. Happy Halloween! 

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