Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sous Chef Lady

When in the kitchen, our dog Lady goes by the name Sous Chef. Her desperate eyes are always looking up at me begging to help cook. I must say, she's a very eager student. As soon as she hears the sound of chopping, she enthusiastically races into the kitchen to see what she can do. I've even see her wake from a particularly engaging dream and jump to her feet as if it were nothing. For Lady, food always comes first.

Lady is also a wonderful cleaner. She seems to actually enjoy picking up loose scraps off the floor and has no complaints keeping it tidy and generally spotless. However, there are times when she appears almost too eager. For instance, she dearly loves a chicken and has a tendency to jump about my feet in the hopes that she might help me truss it. I always remind her that patience is a virtue, especially in the kitchen.  

Even when Lady is not all that interested in what I'm cooking, she still prefers to stay at my side, albeit lying on the floor. God forbid she miss something important! A snooze here and there seems to help this little sous chef save her energy for more cleaning and the occasional taste testing. This I would have to say, is her one flaw. She always seems to enjoy whatever I give her. I often advise her to really taste what she's eating. Does it need more salt? Too sweet? No matter what, her answer is always the same, "I LOVE IT!" Occasionally, she's speechless. While flattering, this can be a challenge when developing and testing recipes. However, her other qualities outshine this one fault, so I have no choice but to let it slide. Thanks Lady, for all your diligence and hard work in the kitchen. Without you, cooking just wouldn't be the same. 

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